Drs Extraordinaire by Ho Tak Ming

Author: Dr Ho Tak Ming
Publication Date: December 2000
ISBN No: 983-40556-0-9
Recommended retail price: RM35 (excluding postage and tax)

An extraordinary effort by Dr Ho Tak Ming written specially about extraordinary doctors who dedicated their lives to the people and the nation.

Dr Ho has done the Malaysian public a great service. He has placed on record, not in usual placid and colourless language of the serious historian but in the witty and intimate style of a writer, biographical information on certain outstanding members of the Malaysian medical profession many of whom should never be forgotten. It is particularly praiseworthy that he has dealt so lightheartedly with fact not fiction.

Many of those that Dr Ho has chosen to introduce to the present generation of Malaysians are doctors (some have passed on, others are still with us) who earned recognition not just because of their expertise in medicine but also for the “milk of human kindness” in them.

Malaysia’s modern history is replete with medical doctors who thought of themselves in broad social-political terms rather than merely as members of a specific profession. There is much that the young doctors of today can gain from a knowledge of the manner in which their predecessors pursued a profession which, in its true essence, is anything but ordinary.