Perak Lectures

These lectures are held in Ipoh once a month or once every two months, occasionally with lunch or dinner. Since January 2011, these lectures have also been held in Taiping.

Our Perak Lectures provide a forum for:

  • expression of opinion on issues of the day;
  • discussion of topics which attract specialized interest;
  • debate on issues which attract and interest our audiences.

The lectures have established a favourable reputation, first as our “Perak Perils” talks from 1999, and as our current series of Perak Lectures from 2002.

We have hosted speakers from many different fields:  historians, botanists, architects, music performers, businessmen, political leaders, novelists, poets, political analysts, government leaders, social activists, economists, scientists, academicians and even a cartoonist.

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The views expressed at these Lectures are solely those of the individuals concerned, and are not necessarily those of the Academy, its Governors and members, or its management and staff.