Perak Lectures Series 2 (Perak Perils)


Date Speaker Topic
28-Sep-00 Dr Lee Kam Hing Globalisation: From Golden Chersonese to Malaysia
19-Oct-00 Dr Chan Kook Weng What the Oil Palm Can Do for You and Your Country
9-Nov-00 Datuk Yong Teck Lee Perspectives of Malaysia: Into the 21st Century
12-Jan-01 Dr R Thillainathan The State of the Malaysian Economy: Confronting Liberalisation, Grappling with Currency Controls
24-Feb-01 Prof Wang Gungwu ASEAN: Changing Chinese Perspectives
23-Mar-01 Datuk Abdullah Ali Diplomacy: Tools of the Trade and Protocol
06 – 08 Apr-01 Seminar and Workshop Alternative Perspectives of South East Asia
8-Jun-01 Prof Ho Peng Yoke Magic in the Magic Square: A Multicultural Perspective
13-Jul-01 Mr Jimmy Lim Re-defining the Meaning of Equatorial Architecture
3-Aug-01 Dato’ Lee Lam Thye Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation and Safe City Initiative