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exclude transport from Ipoh/Banding Island Public Jetty/Ipoh)
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BELUM ECO RESORT is an island located in Temenggor Lake in the northern district of Hulu Perak, close to the Royal Belum State Park.  The tranquil beauty surrounding the island is complemented by the vast diversity of tropical flora and fauna.  Belum-Temenggor Forest Reserve is among the last remaining virgin forest in Malaysia where the biodiversity is practically intact.  The pristine environment and undisturbed eco-system can be equated with Taman Negara 20 years back.  It is probably the best kept secret waiting to be explored, especially by avid nature lovers.

Belum Eco Resort is designed in accordance with the green eco concept and practises “Responsible Tourism”.  An island resort of less than 8 acres, its development was hand-built, without using heavy machineries.  The resort was awarded the “Appreciation Award 2007 for Enchancing Eco Tourism” by the Perak Tourist Association.  Guests have the option of staying over in the houseboat or at any one of its 12 A-shaped chalets that blend harmoniously with the natural environment in line with its concept of being eco-friendly.

The Belum-Temenggor Forest Reserve has the largest concentration of large mammals such as tigers, elephants, tapirs, deers and seladangs.  It is the only forest on earth that houses 10 species of hornbills.  It is also a treasure throve for over 3,000 species of flowering plants, including 3 species of the world largest flower, Rafflesia.  The lake has a rich variety of freshwater fishes, namely Toman, Sebarau, Tengalam, Baung and even the popular Kelah, thus making the lake a very attractive and must-visit fishing haven for hard anglers as well as the amateurs.


DR. ADIB VINCENT TUNG BIN ABDULLAH is a Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society of London and the Zoological Society of London.  A management consultant by profession, he has partaken in several scientific expeditions as a volunteer scientist and sits on many public and non-government committees on wildlife, tourism, nature, management and protocol, which he has also been invited to speak on such subjects.  He has authored more than 100 articles and brochures on nature, butterflies, beetles, conservation, local history and tourism. 


 1st Day

9.00 am Start your journey from Ipoh to Banding Public Jetty by driving along the North-South Highway to the Kuala Kangsar toll, and proceed to Banding Island passing Lenggong and Gerik.  Can stop over at Lenggong for your own breakfast.
12.30 noon Arrive at Banding Public Jetty, park your vehicle near the Marine Police Headquarters, there is a boat waiting to take you to the Belum Eco Resort
01.00 pm Leave jetty to Royal Belum State Park with packed lunches on board
03.00 pm Visit Base Camp
06.30 pm Back to Belum Eco Resort
08.00 pm Steamboat/BBQ dinner at dining deck
09.30 pm Video Presentation on Belum at function room
10.00 pm Free time

2nd Day

08.30 am Breakfast
09.00 am Visit dams, limestone hills to see endemic Cycad trees and old bee-hives
01.00 pm Lunch at dining deck
01.45 pm Visit Pulau Tujuh and trek up Pulau Tujuh Waterfall
04.30 pm Visit aboriginal village, Kg. Pulau Chuweh
05.30 pm To Pulau Besar to visit Rafflesia site
07.00 pm Back to Belum Eco Resort
08.00 pm Steamboat/BBQ dinner at dinning deck
09.30 pm Video Presentation on hornbills and Rafflesia at function room
10.00 pm Free time

3rd Day

8.30 am Breakfast
9.00 am Visit and trek up View Tower (4,011 feet a.s.l.) at Pulau Tali Kail
11.00 am Back to Belum Eco Resort
11.30 am Depart for Banding Public Jetty
12.00 noon Arrive Banding Public Jetty and go home
Mother Nature dictates the outcome of all activities, we reserved the right to alter any of the activities for safety reason.  Any cancellation of activities due to bad weather or situation beyond our control will  not be compensated or replace.