Perak Lectures Series 12

Date Speaker Topic
29-Oct-10 Prof Gregor Benton Chinese Migration
14-Jan-11 Prof Edmund Terence Gomez How “New” is Malaysia’s “New Economic Model”?
25-Feb-11 Dato’ Dominic Joseph Puthucheary Democracy and the Constitution
11-Mar-11 Prof Wang Gungwu Southeast Asian Studies Today
15-Apr-11 Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir No Democracy Without Gender Equality: The Case for Women’s Rights in Malaysia
27-May-11 Prof Anthony Milner Malay Political Culture: Historical Development and Possible Future Trends
2-Jul-11 Ms Angela Faye Oon Rabindranath Tagore’s Visit to Malaya in 1927
20-Aug-11 Dr Xiaohuai Wang Surviving Breast and Lung Cancer: Case Studies in SPDT Treatment