Datuk Professor Jimmy Choo in Conversation with Mr. Patrick Teoh

Date:  Friday, 19 July 2013

Time:  8:00 pm to 10:30 pm

Place:  10th Floor, Symphony Suites, Jalan Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah (Gopeng Road), Ipoh

Registration Fee: @ RM50/- per person (inclusive of dinner)


Mention “Jimmy Choo” and elegant, exquisitely crafted shoes immediately come to mind.  Famed for making shoes for the late Princess Diana, Datuk Prof. Jimmy Choo’s beautiful creations have adorned the feet of royalty, celebrities and pop stars.  Datuk Prof. Choo, the son of a reputable shoe designer in Malaysia, spent his early years in Penang working as his father’s young apprentice.  Determined to master the art of shoe design, he went to London in the 1980’s to study footwear at CordwainersCollege.  The college has since become part of the London College of Fashion, one of five colleges of the University of The Arts, London.  Since establishing his couture label in 1986, Choo’s made-to-order designs have included an extensive range of hand beaded; hand stitched and personalized shoes ranging from slippers, sandals, mules to boots.  In 1988, Vogue ran an 8-page spread featuring Datuk Prof. Choo’s creations teamed with clothes from various British dress designers. This affirmed his status as a shoe designer and master craftsman and he has never looked back since.  In 1966, Datuk Prof. Choo launched his ready-to-wear line with the late Mr. Tom Yeardye. He subsequently sold his share of the ready-to-wear business in 2001 to Equinox Luxury Holdings Ltd., whilst he himself continued to operate his couture line.

Today, Datuk Prof. Choo’s presence is forefront in two main areas, namely, at his couture house and in his firm support for education, as Ambassador for Footwear Education at the London College of Fashion and a spokesperson for the British Council in their promotion of British Education to foreign students. Datuk Prof. Choo is recognized far and wide across the globe.  The most recent accolades was “World Most Outstanding Chinese Designer Award” from Hong Kong Design Centre in December 2011 and “You Bring Charm to the World” in March 2012 by Phoenix TV in Beijing. Datuk Prof. Jimmy Choo has also been honoured with many institutional and national awards over the years to mark his achievements and contributions.


Patrick Teoh is a veteran with more than 40 years of radio broadcasting experience in Malaysia.  He started out as a radio announcer and moved on to excel in other media such as television, film and stage.  He was one of the pioneer newscasters for TV3 and he has been a past magazine columnist. He is also the author of a successful book titled “Teohlogy” which, since its release in February 2011 has been on the best-seller list of all major bookstores in Malaysia.  He has been in many successful stage, television and film productions.